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Her husband died awaiting surgery delayed by the pandemic. She says N.S. health care is broken

Mark Clarke died in February, the day before he was supposed to have cardiac surgery that had already been delayed due to a lack of available ICU beds. His widow, Gay Clarke, believes the province's health-care system is broken.

Canada can now seize, sell off Russian assets. What's next?

G7 leaders meet as budget bill's passage gives cabinet new power to redistribute sanctioned property

Parents, caregivers face new juggling act as employers evaluate work-from-home policies

The ability to keep a close eye on loved ones has been important to many people who have been juggling their family and employment responsibilities in the same space over the course of the pandemic.

South African police believe 21 dead at tavern likely consumed illicit substance

South African authorities investigating 21 teenagers found dead at an east coast tavern over the weekend said on Monday the youths were probably killed by something they ate, drank or smoked, ruling out the earlier-touted possibility of a stampede.

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